Sunday, December 1, 2013

The journey continues...

My blog has been updated to show the next journey I'm on.  The address even had to change since Team Andres arrived and conquered Kona.  An experience I will never forget.  I will always remember the friends and family that helped me on this journey.  But new mountain to climb...The Marathon Olympic Trials for 2016. 
My Mom and I after the race.

The boys just before we headed to our deer stands.
These last two months I have been relaxing and letting my body heal cause my next goal is even more Epic than the terms of where I need to take my body and what I need to train it to be able to do.  Qualifying for the marathon Olympic trails for the 2016 games.  This means I need to run at least a 2:43 marathon to meet the "B" standard set by USA Track and Field or the "A" standard which is a 2:39 marathon.

I've created a long range, two year, plan for myself.  Family is on-board which is the most important piece for me.  Running has been my passion and something I realized I was good at way back in elementary school when I could beat all the girls and boys in gym class when we would run the mile.  Since then running has kept me sane through going to college, raising 5 boys, and enjoying living life.  Its when I'm running that I plan our dinners, figure the best way to handle a parenting situation, contemplate the best training methods, listen to the latest podcast on new research being done on training, and most importantly smile cause I'm able to do something I love.  Not everyone is able to move their bodies the way most of us can.  Some don't have a choice if they can go out for a run or a swim or a bike. 

I've took several weeks off from running and am just now getting back into easy and I mean very easy running while I'm healing my hamstring. A few weeks ago I had a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection done on my tendon in my high hamstring.  Slowly, its starting to feel better.  I'm just not 100% convinced this is the issue.  This week I'm heading back down for a run anaysis and a follow up apppointment.

The channel five news came out and did a story on our family and IM.  It was fun and exciting for the boys to see themeselves on TV.  Here is the link to the video...

Coaching and Training....I've started doing some consulting and/or coaching/training of others.  I'm loving it and will follow up more on that later.

Learning....I love reading, not fiction or books with a story to them, but research...the latest studies being done on athletes and non athletes when it come to nutition and training.  I find the human body so facinating and how we can use different training methods and different types of foods to manipulate the body and achieve amazing results.  Currently, I'm getting my masters in Physical Education and Exercise Science.  The text books are fabulous and I'm loving every minute!  In my spare time I'm taking additional classes in sports nutrition.  

Life is good and remember to take care of yourself over the holiday season. 

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