Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time for Running

Has it really been that long?
I can’t believe it’s been this long since I updated my blog.  Life just gets going and before we know it days turns to weeks and weeks turns into months!  I’ve really been enjoying my off season and maybe took a too long of break because getting back to training seeing how high that mountain is which I have committed to climb is a bit overwhelming.  I have decided that steps, even baby steps, are steps in the right direction and progress, no matter how small, is definitely still progress.  I didn’t realize the adjustment it would be going from training for Kona and then coming down from the high of the race followed by getting into a new routine.  Change can be hard, but I’ve tried to embrace it and know change is good.  

Master’s program…  Going back to school is so much more work than I anticipated?  YIKES!! The stress of school is way more taxing on me than the physical stress of training.  I would take the training stress any day over the school work.  I am learning a lot and enjoying my classes so I shouldn’t be complaining.  My goal is to be completed by summer 2015.  

The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection was wonderful.  I had the injection done the beginning of November in my hamstring.  I followed the doctor’s orders to a T and the physical therapy exercises to a T.  I’m so happy with my results.  No hamstring issues at all! I have changed my warm-up since the injection for my run with added run drills and exercises to my warm-up.  

Training…I was able to quickly ramp up my run miles after I was given the go ahead to start running again.  At first it was run for 10 minutes which quickly grew to twenty and thirty and before I knew it was able to run an hour.  I’ve had two weeks with 100 miles, but sandwiched with them have been weeks with 30 to 40 miles.  I try to structure my training around the family instead of family around my training.  We have had busy weeks where running was my last priority.  I’m looking forward to getting into a more consistent schedule once summer comes.  I love running…it doesn’t matter if I’m on my treadmill, a road, or a trail.  I just simply love to run and love seeing how my body adapts to new training stressors and what a body can do with the right combination of training and recovery.  I’m looking forward to this next 1-2 years of dedicated run training.  The majority of my miles have been at an easy pace.  My goal has been building a solid foundation so when I add my speed training I’m able to without risk of injury.  
My 37th b-day morning!
I came home from a run outside to a chocolate cake, flowers, and cards.
Love these boys!

Races….  My plan for this year is to build my run fitness and build a healthy strong body.  Leading up to Kona I was willing to sacrifice health for performance.  When it comes to nutrition and training/racing I don’t think they are the same thing.  Right now I’m eating (or trying to) eat for health, leading up to Kona it was all about performance.  I did what I needed to do to have my body is the best possible shape to have the best possible race.  Did I need some recovery time to heal after Kona – YES.  Will I do this again…YES!  When that marathon trials race rolls around in 2016 I will have my game face on and will have done everything possible to be in the best shape of my life.  No Regrets. 

So with all that being said…right now this year is more about health for me.  Am I perfect and eat healthy proteins and only veggies with some fruits (mainly berries and citrus fruits), no sugar and no gluten…absolutely not.  I love to cook and bake and have seven sisters whom can more than hold their own in the kitchen along with a mom that raised 12 kids…believe me she can make some pretty amazing things.   I’m constantly working at it and learning more and more about the food industry, growing food, and how our bodies react to different types of food.  All very fascinating to me and I continue to grow and learn. 

I’m heavier than I was in Kona and it was hard at first getting used to the rounder me, but I know that soon I will be working my way toward a very lean mean racing machine.  Life is too short not to enjoy my sister’s chocolate chip cookies or my Mom’s homemade desserts when I visit.  There will come a time in my training where I say…”No, Thanks” .  For me, it’s all about balance and moderation.  Trying to fit my training in with work and going to school is challenging enough.  Lee and I know we only have so many years before our boys are off and we want to spend as much time as possible together as a family.  
Going out for Pizza to our favorite place...Prairie Bay
(notice the smiles...the pizza hasn't came yet...I should have taken the pic after we ate)

My race schedule or event schedule…
Run for the Lakes Marathon April…looking forward to this one since it’s my first open marathon since Twin Cities in 2011.  I’m using this race to check in with my training and see what I need to change or tweak to keep improving.  Not looking to set any records here, but see where my legs are at on race day.
Grandma’s Half Marathon June – I got in!  Grandma’s has a special place in my heart.  It was my very first marathon and when the boys were little I would run it every year until they started playing summer traveling baseball and summer hockey.  I’m very excited for this one!
Voyager 50 mile trail ultra marathon….I ran this one back in 2011 and absolutely loved it.  One of the most fun times I have ever had while running. 
TC 10 miles…I will put in for the lottery and hope I get in through the lottery.  Fingers crossedJ
Chicago Marathon…this will be a big race for me…my goal is to be sub 2:50 by this point.
Then looking into 2015 – I plan to run LA in the spring for sure and then Chicago again in 2015.  I’m not sure of any other races in there, but these are the ones already on my calendar.

Missing my bike….I barely ride Black beauty.  If I do it’s only for a warm-up or recovery ride.  My plan is to fit in one long outside ride this summer each week.  Some of my favorite days last summer were the days when I would leave my house in the morning with only some money and a tire change and be gone all day riding with no set plan on where I’m heading.  Even though I said after Kona I was done with triathlon I don’t think I’ll be able to stay away forever.  I just have a few things to check off the list and then I’ll be back.  2017 I’ll be 40 and in a new AG….IMoo will be calling my name.  Plus, I know I have a 9:15 in me…I just know I can do it.  

The boys…
Teaching those valuable life skills…Many of you know Lee and I parent different than many…We believe in the boys learning through experiences and will learn so much faster and remember what they are learning by figuring it out on their own and letting them make mistakes and even allowing them to fail along the way.  In our opinion, it’s not the mistake or the setbacks, but the choices which follow those mistakes/setbacks. 

The latest teaching moment in the Andres household is cooking dinner.  In December we started taking turns cooking dinners.  There is a sign-up sheet and everyone takes a turn cooking.  I will do the grocery shopping, but it is their responsibility to plan what they are making, see what they need for ingredients, if they need something they need to write it down on the list and ask me to stop at the grocery store, and then cook the dinner.  It has been a learning experience for many of them.  I think the planning ahead is important…one night we didn’t have dinner cause Mitchel forgot and then had hockey practice.  Luckily Riley stepped in and grilled some venison brats for everyone.  Westin even decided he wanted to make dessert for everyone and made monster cookies in addition to his meal.  He was shocked at how much sugar went in the recipe.  Wyatt learned that it is hard to time everything to get all the food done at the same time.  If it was up to Gavin we would have salad every night for dinner….so easy he says.  Riley doesn’t need any help in the kitchen.  He has the grill going, stove on with several pans of food going, and making cookies at the same time.  He is usually the “go to” person in the kitchen when his brothers need some guidance.

Riley making pancakes for everyone...from box.

With the hockey season wrapping up and spring sports starting the cooking dinner will be put on hold.  Most of the time their hockey practice was late in the evening or early in the morning.  Now, with spring sports they practice right after school.  

Lately when the boys need an appointment for something they call and make their own appointments.  Learning how to talk on the phone is a skill that is being lost with modern technology.  Teaching the boys to say what they mean and mean what they say is very important.
We have some fun times planned for our family coming up over the next year.  I take the boys on a trip anywhere in the US for their 13th birthdays.  Riley picked Florida coming up in a week, Gavin picked NY and we go in April, and Wyatt picked San Diego and we are going in May.  We are planning to head out west, all of us, at the end of the school year to do some fly fishing, white water rafting, and see Yellow Stone.  In the fall we want to take the boys to Canada for a goose hunting trip.  I can’t believe by September Mitchel will be driving …. It feels like just last year I was taking him to Target and he was spending minutes which seemed like hours debating which matchbox car he should get.  
This was a pic of the boys and I in January of 2002 on vacation in Cozumel.   

Lee put in a hockey shooting range for them and they are loving it.  My training room is right next to the shooting range and I get to hear the pucks being shot while they get to hear the whoosh of my treadmill.  Dreams have been dreamt, goals have been formed, and the hard work and dedication are happening each day in the Andres house.
Dreams don’t work unless you do.
Happy training friends