Monday, May 6, 2013

Sickness and Setbacks...

                                          (Transition at IM World Championships in Kona)

It is day 5 and I’m still sick.  The last time I was sick with the stomach bug was at least 4 or 5 years ago and all my boys were still in elementary school.  There has been zero running, biking, or swimming.  I’ve attempted a yoga class and barely survived.  I feel it’s been hard to get in a quality training groove this whole year.  First, it was finding a routine that worked for me and my family.  Then when I came back from Hawaii my hamstring/glute was inflamed and very tight.  I took all speed work out of my training.  Now, when I’m starting to feel better I get the stomach bug.  There hasn’t been a whole week where I’ve nailed my training as I’ve planned.  Yet…that is!

For me, my IM training doesn’t start until June.  I’m not letting my mind go to “that place” until June 10th when I officially start my IM training.  The tri season can get long both physically and mentally.  I need to put in my best hours on my bike, in the pool, and on my treadmill come September. Not now, not today. A big part of racing an IM is dealing with all the situations that come up over the course of the day and learning how to react in a positive way will have a huge impact on finishing time. I can only control my reactions to the situations which are in front of me now.    

On a more positive and fun note…I had my most enjoyable half marathon to date in Nisswa at the Run for the Lakes half marathon.  Four of my boys decided to run.  Three of them decided two days before the race they wanted a challenge and they went for it.  They had a goal of being under 2 hours and they all made it 1:52 and 1:54.  My oldest, Mitch, said he wanted to run too, but had a hockey game calling his name.  We’ll see if he is up for the challenge next year.  I think the 4 boys who ran it may need some more time to forget how the felt on Sunday morning after the race when they couldn’t walk down the stairs before they run it again.  They had zero run training, except gym class at school, and they all blew me out of the water by how they just kept on going and never once did any of them say I want to quit.  They even had their Grandma there who told them if they got tired they could stop by her and she would give them a ride to the finish line.  No one took her up on the offer.  No quitters allowed on TEAM ANDRES.  They were so many kind and supportive runners and spectators who cheered for the boys which really helped to push them to keep going.  After the race we all went for breakfast and chatted about how the race went and then hot the Chocolate Ox for some treats.  It was the most fun I have ever had running a half marathon and I won’t ever forget rounding the corner and crossing the finish line with them.  One of my boys, Riley, says he is doing IM when he turns 18.

Bike seat issue has been solved!  I had my seat re-covered with new leather instead of getting a new seat.  I’m so happy I was able to keep my old seat.  There is just way to many memories for me to get rid of that thing.  

I’m so looking forward to having enough energy to be able to run even a mile and so looking forward to being able to eat and not worry if it will be coming back up.  Being sick is no fun.  Maybe being sick along with this late spring is both blessings in disguise.  The chances of me getting burnt-out from over training get less and less when there isn’t much training going on.

The Arcadia Brute is less than two weeks away and I have ridden my bike outside 1 time for 20 minutes since I came back from Hawaii.  Today is a beautiful day and I would love to be able to get outside, but my attempt at yoga this morning is about all my body had energy for at this point.  I’m not too worried about riding the 200k and finishing; I’m worried about my descending down some of those hills.  I will be breaking down the hills at Grandma Speed.  

Kona is a little over 5 months away.  I’ve started organizing my head, my clothing, my training, and everything else I can think of that relates to the IM World championships.  For me, this is a once in a lifetime experience and when I cross the finish line no matter the time on the clock I know I will have no regrets because I will have put my heart and soul into the race and did everything I could to have the best race on that day!