Monday, January 28, 2013

Busy by Choice

It’s a busy time of year…it’s the end of the semester for me with my teaching and the boys’ hockey teams are in full swing with games, practices, and tournaments.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is when I’m able to get a training session in I need to make it count.  I usually take Sundays and plan my training sessions, plan our dinners, create my grocery lists and schedule my training sessions in between everything.  I always have a plan, but have learned to not let a missed session ruin my day or my week.  I make sure that when I have the opportunity to swim, bike, run, or take a yoga class I make it count.  When the day is over (the clock ticks 8pm) I move to the next day’s training sessions and what may have been missed is gone.  There is no need to try “making” it up with double sessions.    
Family….I want to be a role model for my boys.  Through my actions I want them to believe they are capable of anything if they are willing to be disciplined, work hard, and make a few sacrifices.  Through my actions I want to teach them they should never ever count themselves short; to never ever set the bar too low.  They need to first dream it, set a goal, create a plan, and then follow through day after day.  And remember boys…Don’t be a Lance (a cheater). 
My Kona room….walls are going up this week to create my Kona room.  Thank you Miller Construction.  Now off to Cosco for those heaters.
Nutrition…It was my birthday a few weeks ago and my sister, Donna, makes me a raspberry cheesecake for my birthday every year and it was delicious!  For me, I view food as fuel for my next workout and recovery for my workout I just finished, but our world is filled with amazing cooks and chefs and great food.  There is always some space for a little splurge.  My A race…KONA…is still months away.  If I go too crazy with my eating now it will definitely be a long road to Kona. 
Training…My training is slowly coming back.  Not yet where I would like it to be at this point on the year, but I have time and I need to focus on what I can now.  I will cut a ride/run/swim short or miss a yoga class to spend an evening with Lee and the boys.  When summer comes there won’t be any skipping on training sessions.
Training in Kona…I get to spend 10 days at the end of May training on course and then racing the 70.3 Hawaii IM.  There is an opportunity to attend a swim training camp at the end of March.  This is the advice I received from a good friend who is planning on attending the camp…
I think when you're chasing the dream of a lifetime, you go to any lengths. You have the money. I have the money. I might not feel like I have it right now, but I'm remembering Scott Jurek, how he risked everything for his dream. This is what it means for me, today, to go to the edge: To consider this trip an investment in my future.

I'm doing it. Going for broke, Michelle. And you are too.

I think it's essential that I do it, and you too. Swimming is the area of your performance where you have the most room to grow. If you could become so comfortable swimming in the ocean and finding focal points, you could relax into the swim the way you relax in a pool lane.
Well, I’m doing it…chasing my dream, going for broke.  Kona open water swim camp end of March here I come!  GAME ON J
My title for this entry was Busy by Choice…what I mean by that is I choose the lifestyle I want to live.  If anytime I thought I was too busy and didn’t have time for…
Family dinners
Saturday night family movie and pizza
Breakfast Friday mornings with Lee
Sunday mornings coffee and scones with Lee
Friday lunch dates with my boys
Visiting my parents on Tuesdays
and all the other activities and traditions we have as a family I would say No to whatever is causing me and family to be too busy.  I’m living the life I want to live and don’t ever want to look back with regret or ask myself...”What if…” or say… “I wish I would have…”
There are too many people rushing through life just to make it to the next day.  Put down the phone, get off the computer, and look at someone when they are talking and really listen to what they are saying.  Life is too short to not enjoy all the moments.

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