Sunday, May 3, 2015

Crappie fishing with Mitch this morning  

Yep…I’ve decided after two weeks that life is just too darn short for me to not have a little sugar in my life and I don’t have the “fight in me” to put training first.  In my last blog I talked about discipline and sacrifice and putting it all out there…here are some of the bits from my last post…

HOWEVER…I know I have more in me.
This last week I finally felt at peace with all the decisions and changes that have happened lately and I’m ready to go all in for IM Wisconsin.
So here it is…I’m giving up all junk food until I cross the finish line at IM Wisconsin.
GAME ON!!  I’ll keep you posted on all that entails along with more on the journey to getting my CR back and setting a new PR.

This last weekend I headed to Madison to get out on the course and try to find the passion for IM and racing.  I learned many things about myself in the few quiet long beautiful days riding my bike.

1. I learned…I LOVE riding my bike…hard courses …ones like Madison that can make my legs burn.  I simply love riding my bike.  When I’m on my bike, the sun is shining, and the wind is blowing my heart smiles.  BUT I don’t need a race to have that experience!
Madison IM bike course .... LOVE!!

2   2.  I learned….When I go to Madison I have to get pizza from Ian’s… and if I didn’t well…. That would just be crazy because Ian’s pizza is more like a gift from the pizza gods than crap. 
Pizza is amazing!  Thinking about a slice made the last 40 miles go by so much faster!
     3. I learned….I love not only riding my bike, but swimming, running, and kayaking, and…anything that is active.  I love being fit…BUT I don’t need a race to do all those things and be fit. 
Thank you triathlon for helping this Mom find patience for these sweet boys each day.  I needed you back then!
I    4. I learned….triathlon came into my life when I was a mom at home with 5 little boys (1,2,2,2,4) and it was a true blessing.  It gave me a reason to get out of the house for a bit and have more to my identity.  Seriously, I thank triathlon for keeping me a sane stay at home.  Over the years my life has grown to being a teacher and helping students be active and see the importance of living a healthy life, a graduate student, a business owner with my husband, and the best title I have ever earned is Mom… to 5 great boys.  
The annual Mother's Day pic....this one from a few years ago.  They are so good to me.

We got so lucky...

5. I learned…life is short…and in 5 years Lee and I will be empty nesters.  Triathlon can be a lonely selfish sport and one that isn’t shared with my family.  Don’t get me wrong….they are 100% supportive of me and what I do…but triathlon can be consuming if you let it…especially Ironman
I     6. I learned…it is possible to drive 12 hours on mainly interstate and not only NOT get a ticket, but not even get pulled over!

      7.  I learned…pursuing a career as a race car driver could be a real possibility.  (just kidding)
I wandered about what others would think of me and all my crazy decisions and big dreams (wanting to qualify for the Olympic Trials, going back to Kona, setting a new CR at IMoo) and goals…but then I realized…I am being honest about who I am and none of us have all the answers.  We are all out here trying to be the best versions of ourselves and no one can fault someone else for changing their mind. 


I’m still training…just not like I had planned.  I’m still eating healthy (which does include a cookie or two and some pizza).  I love getting up early and riding or running or swimming and I still plan to do that, but I’m not putting any pressure on myself.  I’m putting family first and just enjoying all that is ahead for Team Andres.  Like my blog title says....this is my journey to balance all of it...wife, mom, triathlete, runner, dreamers, and goal setter.  One day at a time figuring out this amazing journey I get to call my life and experience it with amazing people around me. 
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