Sunday, October 12, 2014


You gotta want it…

Race morning...all smiles on the way to the start.
Interesting day…a learning day…a day I have no regrets about and one I will always remember.  

One year ago, October 12th, 2013 I was running down the Queen K with a pain in my leg so intense that at one point I just didn’t feel it anymore.  I never once, for not even a second, thought about stopping or even walking.  Every part of my being wanted to run down Ali Drive and cross the finish line.  It was my dream and something I thought about every single day in training.

Now, exactly 365 days later I’m running through the streets of Chicago with a similar pain and some foot pain along with it…nothing like a year ago…but they were both singing to me from the word “go”.  At mile one I knew the finish was probably not in the cards for me today. Not because my body couldn’t handle it, but because I wasn’t willing to go to “that” place.  “That” place is special to me and reserved for only the most important races.  Today, the Chicago Marathon was not going to get that honor.    

It takes passion.  I truly believe we are all capable of so much more than we think is possible.  The interesting part of the puzzle which needs to be there is…. passion.  There is no dream and no goal too big if you have it…the passion.  We all need to do what WE love and then anything is possible.   
What I found out today about myself is my passion and my goals don’t involve the Marathon Olympic Trials.  

This whole year has been a great year.  There are no regrets.  I have thought so many different times about different goals and different paths I want to take with my training, occupations, and just living life.  I’m not someone to settle and I’m not someone to just go through the motions.  Life is way too short to walk around regretting not taking chances, not putting yourself out there, and not dreaming big dreams.  I will always set the bar high and aim for the stars.  It’s just sometimes I need to change what the bar looks like and what star I’m shooting for. 

My heart is in the lava fields of Hawaii and that is where I want to spend every second Saturday in October.

On a side note…the most exciting part of the day was lining up with the American Development Team.  Heated tent and no lines for the porta potties were FABULOUS!  

I have so much fun with this guy!
We took in all the sights and treats of Chicago.
Lee and I at the Blackhawks store.